Why Men and Woman CAN be Just Friends

But the odds are very slim

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Competing Agendas

For the most part, men and woman are raised differently when it comes to sex. Women are the gateway to sex. Men are the consumers. Women are taught as girls that femininity is tied to chastity. Men are taught as boys that their masculinity is down to whether or not they can bed a woman. A woman’s ultimate goal is marriage. A man’s ultimate goal is consistent sex.

Things Get More Sinister

A woman, for better or for worse, is viewed primarily as an emotional creature. Therefore, her emotional needs must be met. For men, they were taught that in order to get their emotional needs met, just find a vagina attached to a hot woman. Connection, intimacy, comfort, rest, love and friendship will come as long as you have sex.

A Bit of Irony

The funny thing is that men expect women to be a lady in the street and a freak in the sheets. If she’s a freak in the streets and a lady in the sheets, men get upset. They have no clue what to do with a woman like this. It’s an anomaly to them! Similarly, women want a vulnerable man but when they see it, they are repulsed!

It Gets Even Worse

Remember that women were taught to flaunt their sexuality and to hide their desire for sex. If this isn’t an example of supply and demand, I don’t know what is.

So What Gives?

I’ll admit, this seems like I’m making the case that men and women really can’t be friends.

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