We’re Better Than the People We Hate. Right?

Jason Henry
6 min readOct 4, 2021
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The number one priority of our ancestors was survival. The reason we are so prone to fear is because we have inherited the brain of several million years which used fear as a tool to keep the species going.

This is why when people challenged the religion, they were exiled at best and killed at worst. This is why when someone was hoarding resources, they were more than likely killed. This is why groups and individuals tried to take power because it gave them a boost in protection and safety.

No one cared about universal human rights. Such a concept was ridiculous in an unpredictable world where people are only working together because they know being separate is going to result in certain doom.

But perhaps what brought us out of this emotional dark age was the love we had for our family and friends. Sharing food, having a good chuckle, making art or making love are facets of human life that would’ve caused us to focus more on the best of life rather than the worst of life.

And the more we evolved, the better our technology became. Suddenly, the world wasn’t such a scary place. In fact, the scariest thing about the world today is the human being. The prey became the predator.

But in our technological advancement that literally threatens life on this planet (which includes us), our minds have yet to be developed in the same way. Many of us are waking up. Some of us are fast asleep. Some of us were rudely awakened and are begging for another five minutes.

This is why the human being is the most terrifying predator that exists today. Powerful tools in the mind of a fool has never yielded anything good. Because let’s face it, after making our external worlds that much easier, isn’t the next logical step to make our internal worlds better?

The number one priority of our ancestors was survival. Today, our priority is quality of life. While some were creating inventions that would make life easier, others were working on the mental technology that would lead us to stop fighting and start loving.

Although our physical world gave our ancestors challenges to overcome, the solutions were found in the physical world. Similarly, when it comes to our emotional challenges, it was due to…



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