This is Why Perception Equals Reality

Jason Henry
4 min readMay 30, 2022
Photo by Tobias Bjerknes on Unsplash

A few days ago I had an urgent errand to run and a friend of mine said he’d help me to get to the place by 3 o’clock. It was a small window of time but it was doable.

With the small window of time and the importance of the errand, what do you think happened?

On the way there, we got stuck behind a slow truck, fell into some traffic and right at 2:59, for some inexplicable reason, two cars were parked at the entrance talking to each other. We honked the horn and they eventually moved off.

I’m not sure what time I got inside because I was so focused on just getting inside and finishing the task. And maybe because I feared I had ran out of time and I didn’t want to face that possibility.

Fortunately, I got inside and finished my errand. As a matter of fact, I was early. The placed closed at 4.

Earlier I had asked you what you thought my fate would be knowing that I had a small window of time and an urgent errand. Hopefully you actually indulged me and thought about it.

Perhaps you thought that all sorts of hell would try to prevent me from getting to the destination. Maybe you even thought that I failed in the end. Or maybe you thought I would make it, despite all the problems that would probably come up.

But if you thought I would’ve been perfectly fine, that’s awesome! You have a truly positive outlook on life. I guess I could stand to be more positive because the thing that I was truly positive about was that my errand would be fulfilled that day. And it was.

But it’s ironic, isn’t it? It seemed like life was conspiring against me but it was all in my mind. The slow-moving truck was just a slow-moving truck, not a vehicle that we needed to overtake. The cars that were at the entrance weren’t obstacles life threw in my face to stop me from getting where I wanted to go. They were just cars in the way.

Hell, we didn’t break the speed limit but we didn’t even need to drive as fast as we did.

Fortunately, my friend and I were able to embrace what was going on instead of screaming and shouting and using force to get what we wanted. I think we both knew that Murphy’s Law could take effect, but we also knew that the job would get done.

Jason Henry

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