This is the Kryptonite to Your Success

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Superman is essentially invincible. He can fly, use x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed and has superhuman strength. Not to mention that he’s virtuous and handsome. He’s almost boring with how awesome he is.

It is this tiresome narrative that possibly led to the introduction of Kryptonite in the Superman comics in 1949. Suddenly, Superman had a weakness after all. It added to the drama and gave villainy a chance to win.

We aren’t too different from Superman (if you don’t count the superpowers). We have our weakness too. Once it is introduced, we are rendered useless. Even if we are able to summon the strength to take action, it somehow always falls flat or we self-sabotage.

We may not lose consciousness or have our skin turning green, but our constant failure to enact change in our lives may cause us to be green with envy at those who are doing what we cannot or to drown in self-pity.

It isn’t a physical issue that we have. It isn’t our body, class, race, sex, sexual orientation, education or upbringing. We have too many examples of people who defied the odds in these categories and more and achieved legendary statuses.

The issue is in the mind. It is a line of code in our programming that once we give it a value of TRUE, it will wreak havoc. It is our self-esteem.

You might be rolling your eyes because this isn’t news to you, but if you are struggling in an area of your life, it means that you know the answer but still have a problem. That’s like Superman knowing there’s a giant cluster of kryptonite in his back pocket but he shrugs it off as he coughs up blood.

Self-esteem is all about how you see yourself. It’s about what you believe you deserve and subsequently how you treat yourself and allow others to treat you.

Here’s the deal. If you suffer from a low self-esteem, it is worse than your high school guidance counselor led you to believe. Yes, it will affect your grades. Yes, it could lead to substance abuse. Yes, you will not like yourself very much.

But it can also lead you to never achieve your fullest potential despite being extremely talented. It can lead you to engage in destructive relationships despite being a good person who treats others well. It can lead to never getting the help you need because you don’t think you deserve being helped.

To top it all off, all these events happen below your awareness. Things may start off swell but then eventually dissolve into enmity and you questioning why the world and the gods are against you.

And because this is all happening within you and fueled by your subconscious, you can’t observe it as it happens. It often takes friends, family or co-workers to bring your attention to your patterns of failure. But because it is such a touchy subject they may tip-toe around it or never bring it up.

They see the kryptonite noose around your neck and talk about it as if it was a necklace.

Sometimes low self-esteem manifests itself in you being an overachiever too. You do all these amazing things and you do them well. And yet, you either don’t have the acclaim that you deserve, you sell yourself short or you’re still unhappy despite the great results.

This is because you’re doing a bunch of stuff to earn a high self-esteem, which simply implies that you don’t have it. You haven’t given that gift to yourself.

You have to know that you are innately great and that you deserve great things. When you are able to do this, not only do you treat yourself better but you treat others better.

Ever wondered why some people are so nasty to others or why they destroy the lives of others to get money that they don’t need and won’t live long enough to spend? It’s not some global conspiracy. It’s not some demonic force. The reason is a boring and predictable one.

It’s that they derive their sense of self through stuff, money and making you feel smaller so that they seem bigger.

1. The most important thing is to recognize how pervasive this issue is in your life. Failing to see its presence and its effect is the same as Superman failing to acknowledge that kryptonite is near and that it is the reason he is dying.

Merely seeing this can be enough to short-circuit a low self-esteem. The jig is up. What was unconscious has now been brought into the light and as a result, the old tendencies that got you in trouble can be laid to rest for new, healthier actions which lead to new, healthier results.

2. If you need something more heavy-duty, you will have to go within and face the feeling of low self-esteem itself.

Say to yourself, “I am allowing my feelings of low self-worth to come up now.” You can be specific about your low self-worth with regards to finances or relationships or your family if you like.

Feelings will emerge; just allow them to be there. These feelings are the support for the subconscious beliefs of low self-esteem. As you feel them with acceptance and not to try to get rid of them, they will transmute into peace. When that happens the beliefs of low self-worth fade on their own because there are no emotions to support it.

These are your feelings. Honor them. That is what they want, and once they are honored, they will pass.

If you need a break because it is overwhelming, then take a break. Then come back, allow the feelings to return by following the instructions above.

3. If you’d like another option, I would suggest muscle kinesiology.

The body-mind connection is thankfully becoming more and more prevalent. Emotions can trap themselves in our bodies and manifest as physical ailments. Moreover, we may see through the illusion of a low self-worth but still battle it within our very bones and organs, which then makes it difficult to fully let go of low self-worth.

There are a number of stories where people have an organ transplant and begin to act like the person who donated the organ. You may consider these anecdotal and not important. That is fair.

But as this is a topic that is too broad to get into in this post, I will leave a link here for further reading.

To think that you are powerless is a lie. To believe in it is the only reason that you would render that lie into the truth.

We have many success stories of people who had it harder than we did who overcame their programming and their circumstances. You are no different.

It is time to investigate the culprit behind the crimes of mediocrity, fear, weakness and overcompensation. Your kryptonite is what you think of yourself and what you think you deserve.

If you can see this, you’re already on the path to eliminating your poison.

Former Edu. Psychologist | Current Writer | Constant Learner | “By your stumbling the world is perfected.”

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