Everyone Grows Out of the Law of Attraction Phase of Spirituality

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One of the most common critiques people make about the law of attraction (LOA) and manifestation is that if people are so proficient at it and have attracted riches to themselves, why don’t they manifest abundance for the have-nots and the poor?

LOA apologists state that one cannot manifest on behalf of another person, and I would have to agree. In the same way a poor person can win the lottery and somehow return to the same old standard of living in a few years, even if one could manifest riches for a poor person, it would be futile.

When I was first learning about manifestation, I watched a video featuring Neale Donald Walsch hoping to hear his words on how to bring stuff into your life.

He spoke to Eloise King about his appearance in the movie, The Secret and that when he watched it, he thought to himself, “If we have such incredible power that we can attract everything and anything we want in our life, why wasn’t there one minute in a nearly two-hour movie spent on how to create world peace?”

It’s a fair question and a brave one considering he was in it himself. But again, I have to say that the LOA and world peace have nothing to do with one another.

We don’t have world peace because the people who are standing in the way of it do not want it. And that isn’t just the white nationalist or the African warlord or the religious zealot. It’s me who cannot help but be angry at those who hurt me. It’s you who cannot help but grit your teeth when someone is rude.

The vast majority of us are responsible but to varying degrees.

If we want world peace, we must choose peace in every situation. And if we fail to choose peace in the moment, we must recalibrate and remember to choose peace and then uninstall the hostility by installing an apology.

But what the hell does that have to do with the law of attraction? What does that have to do with visualization, vision boards, affirmations or Abraham Hicks workshops?

You make the decision and do the thing. You self-correct along the way. You ensure not to get too attached to specific outcomes because you don’t know how things will turn out. To save yourself the anguish of failure (because you will fail), you focus instead on the joy of creation and activity.

Walsch admitted that it was incredibly sad to see that the New Age movement was more focused on material goods than life improvement and personal growth for one and all.

He continued by saying, “When someone asks me, ‘How can I manifest stuff in my life?’ I say to them, ‘What do you want to manifest? A better you? More compassion? Greater understanding? Deeper wisdom? More love? Or the perfect mate? Or the better job? No, no, no. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.’”

Think about it. If you could manifest more money, the ideal relationship or whatever you wanted, but you weren’t able to use or have these things responsibly, guess what? You’re going to lose it or abuse it. Or you will be abandoned or abused by it.

If you don’t have the wherewithal to enjoy these things, how are you even going to get them? And even if you did, you’d just squander it or it would kill you. One’s mindset must be right first in order to have and maintain these things.

People think that the law of attraction changes their mindset in order to have these things, and I can totally understand why. It was marketed that way. But unfortunately, that’s not the case whatsoever.

If you could use the LOA to manifest the perfect relationship but you were a codependent or a narcissist or an abuser or suffered from an intense fear of abandonment, even if you got the relationship, you’d destroy it. Even if you stayed committed to the other person for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t enjoy the relationship as much as if you didn’t have these problems.

If you could use the LOA to manifest 100x your current income but you were as financially literate as a kindergartner, you’ll blow your money fast, use it to solve problems that require appropriate solutions and whatever problems you suffered before the money will increase 100x fold.

I think anyone who has attracted anything into their life can attest to this. I know I can.

As it turns out, material wealth and romantic love do not solve problems. They instead highlight the good, the bad and the ugly in us and in our lives.

How many people have to suffer and die to prove this? How many more people have to suffer and die before we get the message? How long are we going to stay stuck in this marketing trap that wealth = health?

And many of the people who have illustrated that material wealth does not equal happiness or peace certainly didn’t go on YouTube to find a new tip for how to manifest.

They just did the work and it paid off. They made something useful. They gave the people what they wanted in a new way. They weren’t afraid of putting themselves out there. They wore their heart on their sleeve. They expressed themselves to the people they cared about.

When you focus on being a better you because you see the importance of it and not because of what it could bring you, then you’re perfectly fine.

When you’re better, you “attract” better. But if you’re trying to be better in order to attract better, what’s the motivation? It’s the stuff, isn’t it? Be honest. The stuff is very alluring, but a ton of people have the stuff and they can tell you (if you haven’t seen it or experienced it for yourself), it’s just stuff.

It has absolutely no value outside of what you give it.

This is why LOA practitioners tell you to detach from the outcome because that way, you’ll definitely get it.

Yeah, even so, you’re still doing it because you think your life will be better with it. But like I said, if you’re the problem, you’ll screw yourself over anyway.

Until you genuinely put being a better person over getting better or more stuff, it doesn’t matter if you get what you want because you’ll still be just as, if not more unhappy.

And when you understand that, then you’ll have successfully graduated out of the law of attraction phase of spirituality. I won’t lie to you, it is a doozy. You’ll realize just how much the shiny and new can control you. You’ll feel kind of lame but then you’ll laugh it off because it was a necessary stage to go through, just like Kindergarten.

When you seek “the Kingdom of God” and not “the municipality of You” your attention shifts. You live life for others and yourself, instead of just for yourself. You care about others and not just your friends and family. You give the people what they need, not just what you want.

And if you didn’t notice, everything that you want comes from others. The career, money, relationship, stuff and adoration are all given to you from other people. So it would stem to reason that you take their interests as a part of your own.

But that is literally impossible to do if you are not living for “the Kingdom of God” and instead choosing to inhabit the “suburbs of self.”

Former Edu. Psychologist | Current Writer | Constant Learner | “By your stumbling the world is perfected.”

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