Erasing the Emotional Part of You

Someone asked me how to remove their emotional side. They didn’t want to feel anymore. They didn’t want to feel love. They just wanted to be alone and happy.

It sounded like they had just gotten their heart broken, but I said, I don’t think you realised what you asked. You said you want to be emotionless, but then you said at the end that you want to live alone and happy. Which is it, do you want to be emotionless or do you want to be happy?

To be emotionless would mean you’re killing your ability to be happy. To be happy, means that you are allowing yourself to feel emotion.

It’s clear that something happened, something so bad that you wish you didn’t feel bad about it. What I would recommend is that instead of running away from your emotions, you go into it. If you let yourself grieve or get angry or whatever, the sooner it will pass. But you have to let yourself feel bad.

Often we forget to give ourselves permission to just feel because we’d rather just escape or erase the pain, not realising that it is only by going through it that it goes away.

The pain isn’t trying to stick around because it wants to torture you. It just wants you to look at it like a kid wants their parent to attend to him or her when they bruise their knee.

Don’t chase your inner child away. Don’t ignore their cry.



Former Edu. Psychologist | Current Writer | Constant Learner | “By your stumbling the world is perfected.”

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